Keep on running until you don’t have anything to feed your anger, sadness, and loneliness.

Be numb, just play dead, then you’ll ready to live again.

Be still, don’t try to confront, to rebel, just be still until it’s all you again.

Keep your head down, keep it down enough so you can see that you’re belong to the ground and not long enough you’ll see the light.

Feed the numbness, feed the white blank page, feed the point then you’ll start to draw line.

Draw line, be patient, be numb, be still, draw lines, draw anything you want but never go back, never go to the same point, just forward, up or down just forward.

Finish your previous life, starts new, see the light, see the dark, the dawn is near, perceive, don’t judge.

Keep writing, don’t erase, just keep the words and the story flows to nothing, don’t see the future, don’t expect, just live, be still, be numb, paralyze, just breathe.

Don’t fight, don’t disagree just accept, conform, don’t express.

You’re only you, you’re not everyone, you’re not with everyone, you think everyone is out there but you’re hallucinating, you’re alone, don’t make friends, just interact, just relate, you don’t need ships.

Ships will sink but you won’t, because you are still, you are numb, you are painless.

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