Arduino Summer camp

Are you confused with the name of summer camp? This special summer camp is based on the opportunity for development of projects on Big Data Hadoop technology and other latest technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Data Analyst, cloud and many more things.

Remove nervousness

Throughout the complete project development program, the nervousness of the developer will be completely wiped out. He/she will have enough confidence to solve maximum errors coming in compilation or runtime errors.

Summer training Arduino IoT Projects

Arduino Board of ecosystem is used by several open source platform to develop electronics projects. Arduino is not a computer and only a microcontroller, which needs to be incorporated with motor drivers, wireless modules, etc. for the suitable execution of the project. For this purpose, the IoT app should be directly encumbered into the flash memory of the Arduino itself and now, you need to connect other wireless modules to convert it to an IoT device.

Some Arduino projects are IOT based Android and Arduino, Smart Building Project using PIR, Automatic Street Lighting system, Smart Water Monitoring System, Temp. Monitor for Balcony Garden, Cloud-ready temperature sensor with the Arduino Uno, Smart Irrigation System, Intelligent Traffic Information System, Wireless Sensor System, Simple Robotics Projects and many more projects.

Summer training in Noida on Big Data Hadoop

Along with Arduino projects, you need to develop some database projects to make yourself eligible for a bigger company.

Summer training in Delhi NCR for BE/BCA/B.Tech/BSC/MCA/MSC students

All the IT students starting from BE, Diploma, up to MSC, MCA are eligible to participate in these summer training projects. With an exciting project, the students will score an attractive mark on project assignment. In future job reference, the value of project will be included.

Contact our HR department for further information on different courses and no worry about infrastructures. All are belong to International standard.