In this post I will be talking about how to achieve Shared Element Transition with React Native for both iOS and Android.

I have posted the code on GitHub and you can take a look if you want to jump right into it.


Lets take a look at what we’re going to build. Below is a photo grid example where we’ll add a shared element transition. This way, we can transition smoothly between a grid and the details page for a photo we select.

Lessons learned while building a React Native App using Animated and PanResponder

In this article, I’ll talk about how I implemented an app transition which I found on Dribbble by Ramotion.

Recently I started building a mobile app for iOS, thanks to React Native 👻. Since most of the things are new, I thought I’ll write about my learnings while figuring out each thing.

This is the first post in the series, hope I can write more under this.


Here I am going to talk about how I implemented Single Sign-on with React Native.


Personalizing a service is an important aspect of any application. This could be done by asking the user to authenticate.
There are couple of ways to do it:

1. Web view

Web view is a way of opening a browser…

This post is about my learning on performance techniques used to make Uber mobile web using React as fast as possible.

It’s been a year since Flipkart Lite was launched and few months since Housing Go was launched and I was always fascinated with the idea of how mobile web is a future and I wanted to give a try.

First I needed an app on which I can implement the perf techniques, and Uber had just recently launched their app with new design and it looked promising so I decided to clone the app using React.

It took…

So in the past few months there is a lot of fuss going on in Javascript community about React and Redux. Everyone is writing their application in React.

At Crowdfire, we had a new product coming up and we had the same question on which framework to pick and which would best be suitable for our needs.

So we decided to list out the requirements and check which philosophy would solve the problems.

No prizes for guessing which one we went with. We chose React + Redux. …

We have always thought of finding a way to share anything instantly from anywhere. The idea was to have something so simple that we could just right click and share. We built Crowdfire share and then thought of building its extension.

We built Crowdfire extension for Chrome to solve two problems:

  • Crowdfire is the first extension that helps you share photos on Twitter and Instagram simultaneously.
  • It is the only extension that loads within half a second unlike its peers.

We had one aim while building Crowdfire share extension: To make it faster and better. If you use Crowdfire extension…

“The greatest of all weaknesses is the fear of appearing weak”

- J. B. Bossuet

This is my first ever post. I’d always planned on writing one but I never
knew what to write.
At last, I decided to pen down my experience here in the city that never sleeps — Mumbai.

But before I start, I need to mention about what got me here in the first place.

It was in the month of December when I decided to part ways with my previous organisation in Bangalore where I had great time learnt new things and grown as a…

Narendra N Shetty

Senior Software Engineer at Twilio| Previously @Crowdfire & @FusionCharts | Start up enthusiast | Cricket fan | #CSGO | Foodie.

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