How To Conquer The Issue Of Pollution

We live in a world where Mother Nature has created magnificent beauty. Diversity in nature makes it incredible. We have been long fascinating by the relations of man and nature. Just stand and stare the beauty of nature. Do we have time to just sit and listen to the sounds around us? Sadly the answer is NO. Have you ever experienced taking a breath in open, fresh air? The Almighty has designed your body in such a way that it loves to be in sync with nature. If we talk about the current scenario where sky, touching buildings, factories, big companies have curtailed the view of natural beauty we have around us.

What is the hot topic these days about the environment, isn’t it Pollution? Any contamination of air, soil, water & environment called pollution and which elements cause it, we can call them pollutants as they are contaminated our surroundings in one or many ways. You can’t get fresh air in metro cities. Long queues of traffic generates toxic gases in the air which makes environment polluted. People throw garbage in the rivers and oceans and polluted the water. Soil is also contaminated by toxic heavy metals.

What we can do to prevent environment pollution? We have to take major steps to find the solutions of various pollutions. The Earth belongs to us and we are responsible for making it better place to live. Our climate is changing drastically as Glaciers are melting at more rapid speeds due to increase in the Earth’s temperature. Narender Singh Plaha has done many efforts to save the environment. He is passionate environmental specialist and working on environment management policies. He made policies to reduce cause of the pollution.

To prevent air pollution, we have to educate people to grow more trees and stop cutting the trees for the sake of personal benefits. Deforestation is also the major cause of Air pollution. Breathing is life. We can not survive without the oxygen. Switch to green energy instead of using non renewable source of energy. Stop smoking, it will both save you and earth.

Water scarcity is becoming the hot issue. Many countries or places do not have access to clean, safe drinking water. To stop water pollution, stop wasting water during taking bath, brushing teeth. Try to conserve the water by using low flow faucets, water your garden in the early morning or evening. Stop throwing wastage to rivers and oceans. Narender Singh Plaha has served as the lead Board member for the rule making effort to establish aquatic life uses (R8–9(C) and water quality standards to protect these uses (R8–9(D).

Next is the Soil pollution, to control the soil contamination, use nature friendly pesticides. Stop soil erosion and degradation by planting more trees. Topsoil erosion leads to flooding and desertification. Agriculture land will be decreased and there would be the shortage of food supply.

Narender Singh Plaha strongly educates people to solve the environmental problems before the situation gets worse. Pollution is the threat to our environment and it affects everyone. Let’s join our hands to make this planet pollution free.

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