How To Convince Your Parents to Let You Do What You Want to Do?

Do you find it hard to convince your parents for your decision?

Are you having more “NO” when compared to “YES” from your parents?

If you have answered “YES” to any of the questions, you have come to the right place. I also had hard time convincing my parents to follow my dreams of becoming a travel blogger, but I Convinced Them.

If you really want to convince your parents and get what you want, then think of your idea as a business idea and your parents as the Investors. You have to make a perfect pitch in order to get want you want.

The pitch I made, was in the form of a Power-Point Presentation with three slides. There are other ways also to convince your parents but this is the most simple and easiest way.

SLIDE 1: What do you want?

SLIDE 2: Some reasons why you want to do that (minimum 3 reasons)?

SLIDE 3: How it benefits you and them either academically/professionally/personally (minimum 3 benefits)?

Precaution: 1) Make sure you approach them, when they are at best of their moods.

2) Maintain calm tone and ask with gratitude.

It helps them to clearly understand what you want and what would get out of it. It will also help them to empathize with your situation and might push them over to help you.

Take a look at this teen who also tried like me and made a PowerPoint to convince his parents to buy ‘GTA V’.

Even after all these process, they are reluctant to let you do want you want, then the only other option is prayer’s. :P

Comment below on how you convinced your parents.