Trekking amongst the woods of Wayanad

We could also see birds chirping, squirrels playing with the flowing river stream as we ascend the hill.

About the place of trek:

Wayanad is a picturesque district situated at a height between 700 meters and 2100 meters above the mean sea level nested among the mountains of the Western Ghats on the Eastern portion of North Kerala and on the sides of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka States.The name Wayanad is derived from Vayal Nadu which means the land of paddy fields and can be easily reached from Kozhikode by a 2 hr bus ride.

Planning the Route and Reaching the destination:

Reaching the destination was an adventure by itself which made the trip more memorable. I had to reach Kozhikode by train and from there, a 2 hr bus ride to Kalpetta and followed by a jeep ride for an hour (half hour on road and rest off road) to reach my place of stay.


We started our trek from our stay which was led by Sajjad (Organiser from Jolly Tours). As we went up the terrain, we could see the traces of animal wandering from the paths cleared and also from the waste left by them. We could also see birds chirping, squirrels playing with the flowing river stream as we went up the Chembara range. After clambering around 5 km with some short breaks by a constant movement of the group, we took a broke for lunch.

Somewhere in the woods
Lunch Break!

We had some rice along with fish gravy along with some veggies and curd (for non vegetarians and for vegetarians everything was the same but instead of fish gravy they were provided sambar). The fish gravy sure did the magic in bringing back our lost energy. We had to descend after our lunch since it was already 3 PM and if continued to proceed further up, then the return journey would become hard leaving very little light for us to return.

Picture by RJ

Campfire and Stargazing:

After we returned back we had sometime to get refreshed after which we sat in groups around the burning fires of campfire discussing and socializing with each other. Once our dinner was ready we went to have some lip smacking chicken gravy along with chappati. We went directly to star gaze as soon as we completed our dinner. The stars were twinkling like the rhymes and gave us an internal peace of getting one with nature.

Mid Night Trek to Moonlit Lake:

After a while of stargazing, we went on a short trek to watch an amazing moonlit lake present in the middle of the forest. The lake was glowing from the reflection of moonlight, with fireflies flying at the sides and music made by frogs croaking in unison which added to its beauty. After a while we returned back due to the fear of wild animals coming there.


The day started with some Kerala special cocunut puttu as breakfast (If you guys visit Kerala never forget to ask for Kola Puttu, its yummy ;) ). Once we were done with breakfast, we relaxed for sometime before starting our trek for that day. We started our trek in the direction of Dhanush’s Kadhal Konden final house scene shooting spot. The house was isolated and gave a new idea for retirement. We trekked to a nearby river for a nice ice water dip to cleanse our souls and returned back for lunch. After lunch we packed our bags and left to see view point as the last place of visit.

Private house away from Cities!
Just outside the private house :)
Fun time at the river stream ;) :D
Nearby River Trek
After the two days of some awesome and breathtaking trekking, it was hard to leave that place and return back to our normal lives. But life has to move on, so the return journey started with a smile on my lips, some wonderful memories on my mind and heart full of happiness.

About the organiser:

Jolly Tours is a travel agency who organizes trekking, camping and travel packages for travelers. To know more about them visit on FB or you could reach them on whats app @+91-97887 77433

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Disclaimer: All the pictures where taken by our trek members and not by me and had been used after prior permission. (Rohit John, Tiruloksha, Sajjad and Mark)