The Unit Economics of On-Demand Startups Explained
Adam Price

Hey, Adam! Nice take on this. Liked the ending.

Coming to the point, on demand start-ups especially in the food delivery industry have been popping up a lot recently and many are going down parallelly. Still there is thus glut of on demand start-ups in my country at least. One thing I’ve noticed about them is that during the initial days, the efficiency or revenue/task is very high. But as the days pass by, the quality and the efficiency goes down and plateaus at an abysmal rate. With this said, some of them are still surviving this only due to the need for these on-demand services. These start-ups might never live up to the potential they were destined to and live out their lifetime as a lifestyle company unless there is a technological intervention with drones or some other product.

Would love to hear your take on this.

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