Happy little trees!

TL;DR: Try painting.

A while back I saw a GIF on Reddit where a curly haired middle aged guy was painting some rocks effortlessly. Curiously, I started reading the comments and the general consensus about that guy was “A wholesome painter”.

Some of you by now know who I’m talking about. Its none other than Bob Ross.

I then started to just watch his videos on YouTube and for someone who never even liked that much to spend a lot of time in museums (Back when I was living in Madrid for a while I used to tell me friends that the best part about that museum was its cafe.) this was a new experience. One can watch his videos for hours as it was just relaxing, calm and something about his way of teaching was too good to stop. Here is an episode from his painting show The Joy Of Painting:

Bob Ross painting a landscape

After watching several videos there is no way I can resist from attempting to paint. The following are the three paintings I did in the first 2/3 weeks and I hope to continue this. I wonder how it will be to learn painting from Bob Ross and physics from Richard Feynman!