Gartner Cool Vendors in Artificial Intelligence in India, 2017

Finally here they are: Introducing the Gartner Cool Vendors in Artificial Intelligence in India, 2017. In alphabetic order:

Entropik Tech

Fluid AI

Mitra Biotech

Smokescreen Technologies

The Hi-Tech Robotic Systemz

Congratulations to all of you!!

Artificial Intelligence is certainly one of the hottest technology terms currently in India. Inquiries (advisory phone interactions with customers) coming to Gartner from India-based clients have increased sharply over the last 1 year. In fact, during the first quarter of this year itself, I and my fellow analysts have taken more than 60% of the volume of inquiries we received during entire 2016. That AI is hot also can be vouched from the unusually high numbers of views, likes and comments I get, whenever I post something on the topic in social media.

According to NASSCOM figures and our own estimates, there were more than a hundred small startups in India by the start of 2016 claiming to innovate around the field of Artificial Intelligence. However, as always is the case with a new hyped term, majority of the startups are just trying to benefit by latching on to the popular bandwagon. During the course of our research we found out that not many of the vendors fully understand what exactly AI is vis-à-vis other associated approach and technologies. Few of them are actually far from doing anything that is near to AI.

The vendors we have selected distinguished themselves clearly with the quality and uniqueness of their AI solutions or the way they have applied it in their field. So, congratulations to all of you! May success follow your strides … And through your innovations, continue to create solutions that bring great benefits to customers and the nation and society in general.

For more on this research and our independent assessment of these vendors, you will need to be a Gartner client to access



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