Celebrate what matters during your retrospectives!

Key Takeaway:

Retrospectives must be vehicles to transform a team’s culture to celebrate learning, and we can use the celebration grid to make it that way.

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Retrospectives, Retrospectives!

A sprint retrospective is one of the most important meetings during a sprint. It’s the time when the team comes together to reflect upon and learn from the previous sprint. It’s a great way to identify problems that you might have missed and to improve the team going forward. When I talk with scrum teams about how they hold their sprint retrospectives, I often feel that something is missing. Many use the standard format of listing…

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It is well established that the application of Scrum to develop software makes teams faster, better, and happier. You can see that for yourself by just searching for keywords like agile and scrum here on Medium. The Scrum values of Courage, Focus, Commitment, Respect, and Openness apply to any team-based approach to problem-solving. Scrum is now being used outside of this traditional space in diverse areas ranging from construction projects, integrating mergers and acquisitions, and many more. It’s even been applied in the classroom to teach students to achieve better learning outcomes via a framework called eduScrum. …

Naresh Selvarasu

Creating courses and MOOCs using Agile and Scrum practices. LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/naresh-selvarasu

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