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Video streaming is everywhere and they have become the most universal way the internet is communicating. With the advent of high-speed internet, media generation has been consistently growing year over year. Toolchain supporting video streaming/encoding/decoding has been slowly catching up with its growth. Video encoding and decoding processes are computationally expensive and to support it, NVIDIA has come up with their specialized hardware encoders and decoders in their GPU lineup.

Traditionally encoding and decoding been done on CPU which is getting outdated. Currently, there is a better way to do it using NVIDIA GPU which is super-efficient. …

At the heart of automation, we usually imagine something like a machine that does all the job with the touch of a button and simply giving the result. In deployment realm, k8s is the machine that does all the work and simply gives us the result.

The main objective of kubernetes (k8s) is to solve the process of automated deployment of services (GUI & micro services). Lets look at a simplistic k8s architecture.

Fig 1: k8s architecture source:

In a lay man’s term a k8s cluster, is a set of nodes (physical machines) virtually connected with each other and run containerised applications. …

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