World at war

They say ignorance is bliss, but is it ok when everything good in this world is put aside and dismissed?

Taught only how to steal and put others through horrific ordeals. 
With nothing but selfish gains, look at your hands are they not bloodstained?

We are brought up in a world where war is apparently the only way to succeed in gaining power. Using firepower to destroy everything including your willpower.

For our society has no prosperity respect or love for thy neighbours. Only Brought up and taught how to be money hungry fakers.

You see we live in a world were humanity has lost hope, almost extinct. Losing our virtues and being separated instead of being linked.

Promised to live in dominion, with absolute freedom, see this is the dream that my parents came with to this land of opportunities, in search of unity.

Only to be driven out of this dysfunctional community with racist Narrow minded insecurities.

Passed on down by their forfathers 
Only to destroy them slowly , see I must have Alzheimer's because I cannot understand their views.

See I feel like this is abuse and I refuse to stay confused. Injustice that is desruptive to my soul
Making me feel disgusted, disagreeing to give consent and Being tormented.

For in this life we are judged by the colour of our skin not for the Sin of covetousness. Brainwashed and told the superior colour is always whitewashed,
 living in denial, beaten and put on trial, and I'm left here feeling lost and slightly suicidal.

We start these wars in the hope that we may have it all, see this is humanities true downfall. Told lies and given promises only to be taken as hostages by the ones we trust.

Innocent people dying everyday , in every way only for you to be promised so much but lead astray.

Do you sleep at night knowing that another has died in vain. Have you received any mutual gain or does it make you feel helpless and drive you insane.

Is this really the life that we asked for or shouldn't we ask ourselves is it really worth putting the world to war.

Nargis Khan

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