Soon 9 to 5 jobs will disappear in the earth. Big Corporations may need to give their turn to startup-nature companies.

The Game is Changing because of the Millennial Generation.

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According to the research, in 2035 the world’s 75% of the population will consist of Millennials. It means that Baby Boomers and X Gens will be giving their place to Millennials.

We do know that X Gens and Baby Boomers are differentiated from Millenials because of their dedication for their work and loyalty for their profession. But, Millennials are not like exactly them. They have a shorter attention span, always looking for a change and a new challenge.

Source: Barclays, University of Liverpool

Most of the Millennials already thinking about opening their own venture and become their own boss rather than working in big corporations. Because for them sitting in an office from 9 to 5 is like a torture. They feel that their life is lost for the bargain of mediocre living standards. They are urged to do what is demanded of them. Millennials want a change. They want to have a flexibility for their own life. Not letting anybody else to dictate their day.

How many times did we hear stories that few people quit their job and start their own startup company? That’s true, not everybody wins the game. Only up to 5% of the startups make till the top. However, this is becoming another normal for the world. Especially in highly capitalism dominated countries.

Additionally, before a single person could have an only job. But now, the game is changing. People can have more than one job based on their interests. For instance, an entrepreneur is also becoming a digital media star. A famous movie star can run a restaurant business. Small business owner can be a professional athlete and etc. Those different combinations in people will make the future of the workforce more complex and interesting.

So what will happen by the time we reach 2035?

By that time, if the big corporations sleep and do nothing they will head to the death. However, there is still a chance. They can take the time to study more about Millennials and understand their needs, thinking process. In this way, big corporations can redesign their internal system and make it a more favorable place to be.

Actually, few companies are already ahead, they understand this trend and allow their employees to work from home sometimes and take voluntary day offs in any day of the year. Giving flexibility to talents is a mitigation strategy from what’s yet to come. If big corporations want to not only survive and still dominate, they need to start thinking now!

And the question arises that after all the startup nature companies will become another normal. What will happen next? If you have an idea about it, feel free to share your thoughts.