Nariddh Khean

Patrick Catanzariti, thank you for your insights!

The fact that RedBearLabs is being integrated with Particle solutions is amazing! However, the issue was not compatibility, nor was it due to the lack of cloud storage.

In my opinion, the items that I struggled with the most in this process, is the resultant illusion of “open source” products, and how any information that is documented (especially with these lesser known companies), becomes instantly outdated with any advancement or iteration. And you can’t blame anyone for it! Of course, RedBearLabs wants to improve their product, but the moment they do, anyone with hardware purchased before their newest amelioration, needs to undergo a process to bring their hardware up to speed. And as time goes on, and this incessant maintenance isn’t preserved, this eventuates in a process that is horribly tedious, complex, or in our case, both.

Like you said, the issue is getting the Duo “working as hoped”…

Still, I’m glad that a company more established, such as Particle, has partnered up with RedBearLabs. The more exposure they receive, the more friendly their product is for the user, and by extension, for our project!

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