Women Empowerment India- An Effective Tool For Comprehensive Growth

The true meaning of empowerment is authorizing someone power and improving their position and status. Women empowerment actually means upliftment of women in every terms that includes employment, marriage, inheritance, eduction, financial, and religion. Bringing equality between men and women thus, improving the potential of women through economic and continuous development. The empowerment of women is considered as an effective development tool.

Whole world is living in a male-dominated society where each and every women is considered weaker and inferior. And as the woman is the creator of life and without them human life does not exist. Improving her condition through women empowerment India is necessary in the country. Here, you can find her situation even worse and are looked down in every arena by men.

As per “William Golding”- Women are foolish as they pretend to be equal to men but they are extremely superior and always will be.

Purdah system, Sati Practice, child marriage and many other redundant practices are still alive in many states in India. Many other similar redundant practices need to curbed and controlled. Recently, an upward increase in rape cases, sexual assaults, dowry system, honor killings, female infanticide etc. are affecting the women’s freedom in the country.

Though there are many people, organizations, activists, and NGOs functional for the upliftment of the women. Making women aware of their rights, attain multiple roles and allow them to realize their actual potential is what they are up to. To help improve the standard and level of women, each and every individual need to approach for it. Not only women, but men has come forth to bring equality among the people.

Time has come for quick embracement of women for the betterment of society and better future. After a long struggle over a century, the voting, civil, property rights are given legally offered to the women. In our country, there are many states having diverse culture and tradition and they have their own way of prospective to look at the women. You might have acknowledged the culture of Rajasthan and Haryana where girls are looked upon ferociously inferior and much work need to be done for improving the girls education, building better career prospects, providing conducive work environments, offering strengthened family support and creating open-mindedness in the home and society. These entire process will help in women empowerment and accelerate the growth of women in the society.

From centuries thousands of women have suffered from severe cruelties and injustices and now the time has come to support them and cherish the womanhood and femininity in the actual sense. First and foremost, we need to address the entire inequalities of the society that hinders women’s advancement to bring a remarkable change in the situation of women and nation as well. Our consistent effort will help women realize their self-worth preventing them from any wrong-doings thus, motivating them to stand for their rights. All this is possible with the co-operation of men and they are the one who can truly understand the need of women empowerment by offering them utmost respect, dignity and integrity. The equality between men and women will bring peace, harmony and sustainable growth in the society.