“The Interested Challenge”

It is in human nature that we love to talk about ourselves whether we are excited or depressed but there are some exceptions some people are good listeners and I am definitely not one of the listeners. Being challenged to get interested in others had a really great impact on me I begin to notice that although I talk to people but I have never had a real conversation.

As it was a 24 hour challenge so I had plenty of targets but I am discussing two of my favorite cases. My first target was my friend who recently got a job. I started the conversation with what’s up she replied that she had dinner. So I thought it means she will be free for about one hour so I can begin the challenge. I started asking questions about her routine, her duties and how’s the work environment. She was despondent about her job. She told me that she missed the university life and she is unable to make friends at work. We have talked before about her job but she never shared this much with me may be because I keep whining about myself. We talked for about two hours and then she had to go for bed.

My next target was my brother. He is a bit of an introvert so it was really difficult for me to make him talk. I begin to ask him questions about college life and he gave me brief replies as usual. On insisting to tell me the details about his college life and his friends he thought I wanted him to go to market. Well I use these tricks when I wanted him to bring me something from market so I convinced him that I am just concerned. Later on, he told me that he is facing some problems in Mathematics so if I am really concerned I could help him in the homework. I was shocked because he never came to me for his homework before. I helped him in the homework and later he brought me some chocolates for being so “CONCERNED”.

The takeaway from this challenge is that I should stop talking about myself all the time. I should focus on becoming a person with whom anyone can share their feelings. Although my brother didn’t discussed anything about his life but may be if I begin to show interest he will come around someday.