Which Ayanamsa did Sri Varahamihira use?
Varaha Mihira

Part 2:

I would like to mention two more things if I am allowed:

  1. My own experiment with Citra Paksa Ayanamsa as in JH Software is that I changed from Rahu MD to Jupiter MD last year. Jupiter is in Lagna (Leo) and rules 5th and 8th. According to Vimsotari beginning sometime middle of June. However on the 8.8.2016 I experienced out of the blue very intense fear of death which lasted some time which was really very overwhelming. I do think now that I experienced then the beginning of Jupiter MD since 8th Lord is in first 1 degree next to Lagna. I couls not trace any other reason for that experience, no transit or other thing, but my ability is limited. My birthtime according to my mother is accurate, she told me several times that she looked at the watch and it was exactly this time. Again however, when I add to Citra Paksa 22 minutes and 15 seconds I arrive at the exact time where I first got this experience explained above, I remember very well this time. Also the death of my father according to this adjustment was running Jupiter MD and AD, and then the next 3 dasa Venus. This just to share my personal experience, but again I am not trained enough to see all details in the chart to judge properly.
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