Which Ayanamsa did Sri Varahamihira use?
Varaha Mihira

Part 3:

Then what catched my eye and some piece of information. I wrote the grand son of BV Raman on facebook about the Ayanamsa issue. He explained that BV Raman “arrived at this number after discussing with his grandfather(Suryanarain Rao)”. The Ayanamsa is 397 AD at the rate of 151/3 arc seconds per year. 
Now what is interesting is that you mention in an answer to this article to someone else that the time when the tropical and sidereal zodiacs where same was approx. 400 AD which is very close to BV Ramans Ayanamsa.

At the end, to mention again, all I said is in the light of objective and enlightening discussion. Also I am glad I can discuss this topic with someone so my replies are of course in response to your article but also bringing up the issues which I am thinking about and therefore not to be seen as refutations of the information given by you. More in the mood of “Lets talk about it from different angles”

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