How Covid Helped us FENG SHUI our Lives!

The Feng Shui Lady ®

What we learned during the lock-downs with The Feng Shui Lady ® herself aka Laura Beatriz Carrillo.

The last couple of years have brought us all home whether we liked it or not. I like to say that Feng Shui is an “inside job” and we have all certainly spent a lot of time inside our homes. Any jobs or careers that weren’t considered “essential” became virtual. Covid turned our homes into our whole universe; a microcosm of our entire lives. No more commuting to work, no more going to the gym to work out, no more concerts or dining out or even going to the bar! Our homes literally became all these things.

I personally have an office, a gym, a movie theater, a DJ, a bar and a restaurant in my home and I run all of them! The truth is my home always had these things because of what I do and my personal philosophy that everything is an inside job that starts at home. By the way, you don’t have to live extravagantly to have all these things. My bar for example; is a beautiful functional bar cart. The gym is a fold-able exercise bike and a yoga mat that I can store when not in use. You get the idea… It’s about making your space work for you and your lifestyle such that everything you need is there.

I’m a big fan of elegantly modular pieces that can be stored or moved around easily. From a Feng Shui perspective, If something is important; you incorporate it into your environment. For me fitness and wellness are priorities, so I have my version of a home gym and keep my fridge well stocked with plenty of nutritious foods. Sounds logical right? Whatever is important to you; make sure you have easy access to it at home. I feel like Covid actually forced people to improve their Feng Shui whether they realized it or not! Since our access to external locations was so limited for so long, folks had to adapt.

There where some great new habits that came from the lock-downs like people learning how to cook and do crafts at home. There where also some detrimental ones like drinking way too much. For some folks happy hour was any hour. My favorite upsides from the lock-downs is how home gyms and offices became all the rage. We where largely left to our own devices and our homes reflected whether we made the most of these times or not. I feel like necessity is the mother of invention and many of us rose to the occasion.

I say bravo to everyone who used this time to enhance and remodel their homes. They became our castles! Many people redecorated or at least got better organized. I certainly did. I completely re-imagined my home office and it transformed my whole personal and professional trajectory. I moved my office from my Love Gua to my Career gua and just like that I put love and career in their rightful place in my life! Everything changed for the better. It was like night and day.

There’s something called a Bagua Map in Feng Shui and Guas are the 9 energetic centers in our homes that represent all the themes in our lives. See below…


When I moved my office from my Love Gua and into my Career Gua, my opportunities for love and business improved dramatically! Having your home office in your love gua lends itself to an imbalance between career and love. Your career then becomes your primary relationship. Where before this shift my whole life revolved around the work I was doing, afterwards my career goals became clear and focused while my love life began to bloom.

Home Office in The Career Gua…

Shifts we make in our environment can have a powerful impact. The way Feng Shui works is both physical and energetic. If you think it’s super woo, think again. Feng Shui is an earth science that is over 5000 years old. Our relationship with nature and our environment is essential to our survival and Feng Shui is a system that is all about having a positive relationship with our environment. Your home is essentially a living breathing 3D Vision Board so when you collaborate with your environment you can re-imagine your whole life! Feng Shui isn’t an event, it’s a lifestyle. We are always in relationship with our environment! Feng Shui is not just happening at home. It’s our relationship with the natural world. It’s everywhere and anywhere you go. Think of it as a physical language that’s universal. Covid had a universal impact on all our lives and we all got to come home to ourselves. It was like a two year crash course in Feng Shui. If you want to learn more about how to make Feng Shui work for you, you can visit Many Blessings from The Feng Shui Lady ® aka Laura Beatriz Carrillo.



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