Moving? Here’s Your Go To Checklist From The Feng Shui Lady ®…

Learn the top 5 Feng Shui deal-makers and breakers for selecting a new space.

Laura Carrillo, The Feng Shui Lady ®— Consulting, Speaking, Teaching & Writing

Laura Beatriz Carrillo

Moving & Upgrading!

Moving is a great opportunity to upgrade your life and write a whole new chapter for yourself. My goal here is to share some key tips for selecting the most supportive and auspicious environment for yourself. When it comes to selecting the ideal space for your new home or business, there are definitely Feng Shui red flags that people can look out for. Feng Shui is an ancient earth science that offers amazing space planning tools that are as essential today as ever. In a fast paced world that is so saturated with technology, we need a soft place to land and unplug. We need sacred space.

My name is Laura Carrillo aka The Feng Shui Lady and my practice is called Narrative Space Feng Shui. I see my work as Space Therapy. People’s spaces are both a reflection and an extension of who they are and what is going on with them. Clients reach out to me all the time when they are either about to move or have just moved. This recurring theme inspired me to write this piece so that I could share the Feng Shui deal breakers I see every day and help you avoid some of the less desirable circumstances people fall into when they move into a space that has bad Feng Shui.

Listen, even I have lived in spaces that have had really bad Feng Shui, so I speak from experience! It’s probably what led me to become a Feng Shui consultant. I actually believe that there are reasons, valuable experiences and lessons to be learned from every space we inhabit good, bad or otherwise. Each new space is like a new chapter! Even within a single location or home, there is so much you can do to change and shift the energy. Redecorating and remodeling can reboot your environment and your personal narrative in both practical and magical ways! For the purposes of this article, I will focus on best practices for selecting a new space from a Feng Shui perspective!

Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs

In Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, your home and shelter comes second in
importance just after food and water. That is how important I believe
personal sacred space to be! Feng Shui can help you choose a space where you at least have a good foundation for success. Life is challenging enough without your personal space creating a deficit.


The first thing I look at is the actual address and numerology of a space to ascertain what the energetic theme is for the space and whether that is in alignment with the goals and intentions of the client. Each number has a specific vibration and narrative. You want to add all of the numbers of an address and reduce them to a single digit in order to know what the numerology is. If you live in an apartment building, you add the apartment number with the unit number and reduce to a single digit. You consider the actual unit number but primarily focus on the overall number.

1 — Singular, initiating energy great for singles who want to be single. Ones are good for new ventures, businesses and chapters. A great home for a fresh start or a good location for a new business.

2 — Fabulous for couples or businesses to do with romance or partnerships. Can make a single person long for a relationship. Ideal for new couples.

3 — Active space, great for social activities and parties. Good for businesses that want to attract customers and community.

4 — This number has dual meanings and I typically try to avoid it because it rhymes with death in Chinese. It’s a grounding number in numerology but it can mean the end of a way of life or chapter for someone. It supports hard work with slow and steady progress.

5 — Is all about comings and goings. It’s a fun number with a lot of traveling energy or visitor energy. Dramatic, parties, fights, highs and lows. It’s considered a temporary residence or one of constant change and transformation.

6 — Is the most harmonious number and great for families, therapist offices, places of healing or community. Great location for a spa or a home for those who enjoy community and family. People will want to visit and may not want to leave!

7 — Is a very spiritual number and a great place for those who seek sanctuary. A good space for therapeutic businesses or home for meditative types.

8 — Is the most ambitious number for those who want to achieve success and are focused on working for that success. Eight is a prosperous number. It’s obviously a good number for businesses and people who are focused on their professions.

9 — Is a number of completion and typically a dwelling where people live for extended periods. It’s also a very spiritual number and great for those who want to plant roots.

Deal Makers & Breakers!

Knowledge is power. While Feng Shui is not a way to skip your process, these deal-makers and breakers can help you avoid more challenging spaces. That said, sometimes we can’t avoid certain situations because they are fated so I hope these tips help you navigate whatever path you are on so that you can ultimately get to your happy place!

I. Numerology

Consider all the numbers I discussed above and which ones thematically speak to where you would like to be. I told you about the number 4 and how it might be best to avoid. I have lived in such a space and can speak at length about my cautionary tale. However, it was a valuable experience that actually inspired me to become a Feng Shui consultant. So there’s that.

II. The Bagua

If possible look for a space that is either a
complete square or rectangle. Avoid L-shaped apartments because they
are energetically missing part of the Bagua or energetic map in Feng
Shui. This can mean you are missing a major life theme like the Love Gua or the Prosperity Gua. You could be missing at least one or several Guas. There are cures for these deficits, however, the imbalance becomes part of your narrative while you inhabit that space. When I moved into a space that was missing the Career Gua, I was immediately laid of and unable to secure full-time work until just after moving out of the space. Even though it was a beautiful home and my time there was valuable, I would never want to repeat that experience.

III. Safety & Privacy

If you have a choice between a downstairs front of the building apartment or something upstairs and in back, choose upstairs and in the back of the building. Think of it in terms of safety and privacy. Upstairs is better than downstairs and the back is better than the front. There are caveats to this as upstairs in front can be just fine especially if the view is better than in back and the numerology and floor plan are good.

IV. External Factors

There are a number of Feng Shui red flags like a home that is situated at the end of a cul-de-sac or a T-shaped intersection. The Sha Chi (negative energy) coming at your location can be too intense and/or too fast. You’ll find that a lot of car accidents happen at T-shaped intersections. A lot of electrical lines close by can create energetic distress or excessive EMF’s. There are many external factors to consider. There are also various Feng Shui cures for most of these factors but the factors still exist. It’s the difference between having to take medicine because you are constantly exposed to immune depleting circumstances or being in good health and safe from harm.

V. Curb Appeal

I’m a fan of curb appeal! The surrounding circumstances and
neighborhood have an energetic impact on your experience of life and
your personal space. A beautiful relaxing setting makes a huge
difference. Is it a busy street? Are there potholes? Are the lawns
maintained and manicured? Consider what is outside and how that will
impact your view and sense of well being.

I have touched on the 5 key things to look for when selecting a new space, but there are still many more factors to consider. A professional consultation can go a long way to helping you understand what all the factors are, what cures are available, and what the cost benefit analysis is for a particular location. Knowing the pros and cons upfront can help you make the best decision for your sacred transition. To learn more or to work with me, visit and reach out to The Feng Shui Lady directly at Blessings!



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