Need A Great Psychic, Astrologer, Life Coach or Feng Shui Consultant ASAP?

There’s An App For That! Yes, Really…

New Age meets new technology! Everything is connected and in our ever evolving world these esoteric areas of expertise are becoming much more sought after and valued. Now you can not only connect with experts in metaphysical fields at your fingertips, but they are credentialed and vetted. Victoria lynn Weston a psychic medium herself started AYRIAL, a new online “body, mind & spirit” community that utilizes the latest technology, resources and tools to effectively promote and vet Astrologers, Feng Shui Consultants, Psychics & Mediums, Life Coaches, Dream Experts and Meditation Teachers and make them accessible to a broad audience via an app and the web. The following link can give you a glimpse into the app “The AYRIAL brand reflects the modern client and the consultant’s approach to connecting with one-on-one sessions, says Victoria lynn Weston, President and Founder. “We believe the brand will resonate with today’s millennial audience who are hungry to learn about developing intuition as well as consulting with a psychic or a spiritual medium, feng shui consultants or intuitive life coach to enhance their lives.”

This Is Not The Psychic Friends Hotline!

Maybe you were one of those people who called the Psychic Hotline back in the day or you have walked into one of those shops with the flashing neon “PSYCHIC” signs a time or two. Trust me there is a big difference between an actual psychic or medium and the charlatans out there who take advantage of naive and often desperate folks looking for spiritual guidance.

We’ve come a long way since those 800 Psychic hotlines where you could call a so called “psychic” for vague incredibly useless advice that cost you unimaginably high phone bills. Now you can get a proper quote for agreed upon services from a consultant of your choosing based on their profile and credentials. No surprise fees and unsubstantiated abilities. While Ayrial isn’t just a resource for psychics and mediums, I use these examples because they serve as a definitive contrast between working with unsubstantiated professionals and credentialed ones. Whether you decide you need a Life Coach or a Feng Shui Consultant, Astrologer or a Psychic, you should be able to have some confidence in the services they are providing. Ayrial helps you with your due diligence in sourcing for a qualified professional in these emerging fields.

It’s An App For Credentialed & Vetted Mind, Body, Spirit Professionals You Can Download Free!

You can download the Ayrial app for free on Itunes and also visit the Ayrial websight Both contain directories with profiles for Astrologers, Feng Shui Consultants, Psychics & Mediums, Life Coaches, Dream Experts and Meditation Teachers. They also have unique content including podcasts, featured articles, videos and online courses. Most consultants are available virtually or locally in their cities.

Just as you would use a referral service or directory of licensed, credentialed doctors when searching for a medical professional, you can now do so with body, mind and spirit professionals on Ayrial. This idea is not only groundbreaking, but long overdue! Here’s a link to to learn more about the the app

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