Not to take away from your post Dave, but this is the actual problem — a shockingly large number of…
Daragh Ward

“Fox News and other far right media”

I couldn’t help but laugh at this short hiatus from virtue signaling. In most cases, when people say et cedera or “and others” they likely ran out of examples. Liberals control almost every single massive information source for most Americans. Just because you and your mass media can rally against Trump and talk about how, “Surely, it is us that know the truth of all things. We are holier than any far right news outlet like FOX news, and, umm…. *Google break* Alex Jones”

Why do Republicans want Trump? It’s pretty simple. He’s a reactionary figure. Democrats have been spewing their BS so much for so long that even now blacks and homosexuals are switching to voting Trump in record numbers. How dare the ungrateful ____s? Maybe blacks are sick of being treated like children that need constant coddling? Maybe gays don’t want to get shot up in their bars? Maybe Arizona is sick of being demonized and called racist for wanting to protect themselves against any illegal immigrants that are violent? Maybe 2nd Amendment advocates who believe self-preservation is a human right, and that guns serve as an equalizer in the event of a tyrannical government, don’t appreciate being told by people who know nothing about guns that only the evil, racist police need guns? Or, maybe they just don’t want to be told by people who have never purchased a gun that you can pick up “assault weapons” at a gun show “without a background check” (if you need help doing research on that one, I can link you a few accurate sources). Why is it that Chicago, with the strictest gun laws in the nation, can achieve a nickname like “Chiraq” (south-side)? Maybe they “weren’t being communist enough” (Mao).

People are sick of the conspiracy theories: The wage gap, campus rape culture, the idea that blacks should be constantly look over their shoulder for the ghost of the KKK.

Everything in the media is about political correctness and virtue signaling (How is “People of color” vastly different from “Colored people”?).

And this is just off the top of my head. What about any of Obama/Hillary’s lies and scandals, or maybe you wouldn’t consider them bad.

You’re going to continue to see exactly what you want to see, as will I. But just understand that not everyone is going to play these retarded mind games anymore (I hope my use of a mental disability triggers you so hard, it will take months of coloring hello kitty books in a segregated safe space for you to get a grip on your emotions that have about as much tolerance as a 5-year-old’s. Oh, the irony).

Trump has built-up a celebrity status of being one of the world’s best businessmen, despite his business track record. Do I particularly care? Nope. He’s still persuasive and clearly a good negotiator. If he can shut some of the feminists up and actually make sure the federal government protects it’s citizens, I’m all in.

I don’t want to suffer through yet another Obama administration. I also do not want to revisit the Clinton’s or Bush’s. Trump is going to get things done. There’s nothing racist about enforcing our border. There’s nothing xenophobic about wanting to screen people coming in to our country who come from anti-American value systems. #NotAllMuslimsButProbablyASignificantAmountWantShariahInAmerica

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