How Donald Trump Conned the GOP
Austin Frank

I think you’re purposefully attempting to mislead by comparing the President to heart surgeons. Being a heart surgeon requires a tremendous amount of skill that involves consistent precision. Don’t pretend like career politicians all have experience in dealing with wars and global warming.

Leading a country requires intelligence, but really it comes down to worldview, morals, and having goals for the country. The President won’t personally fight wars but a great President will ask others to fight when necessary and work with military strategists to figure out how to lose as few American lives as possible. The President’s job is to delegate power.

The founding fathers were all inexperienced in running a government, yet these brilliant men left a legacy of what they knew would become the greatest country the world has ever seen. None of them were career politicians, yet they built a county up unto their God as best they could.

Career politicians are not necessary. Any American over the age of 35 could be President. Those are the only two requirements on the books, and for good reasons.