Birthday thoughts about the deaths of black men and women at the hands of police
Eric Olsen

Most police shootings are justified… Just because CNN didn’t want to report it, doesn’t mean the coroner’s report didn’t show that Mike Brown died reaching for an officer’s gun. And yet, the mainstream media would tell you he was killed in cold blood with his hands in the air.

I’m sorry, but any time anyone of any race points a gun at an officer, or reaches for their gun, or even draws a knife, there is no “diffusing the situation.” Either the cops put the person down or they don’t go home that night. It’s just that simple.

This narrative that persons of blackness need to look both ways for cars and then behind for the ghost of the KKK possessing law enforcement is ridiculous. Of course there have been some hate crimes, and some crooked cops, but as far as I’ve seen, the officer was rightfully punished to the full extent of the law in those cases.