For This Republican, Never Trump Means “I’m With Her”
Caroline McCain

Oh my gosh! A Republican that denounces Trump. Us liberals might accept you if you promise to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Then we can discuss who was more oppressed in the Orlando shooting! Was it the gays who were oppressed by bullets or the Muslim who was oppressed by his own ideology? JUST KIDDING HAHA IT WAS THE GUN’S FAULT. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. We can also talk about our shared hatred for racists that think “ALL” Mexicans are murderers and rapists (I’m seriously questioning the English comprehensive capabilities of “ALL” democrats right now). Oh, and racist facts. We only like extremely misleading statistics (I hope none of you still think Bernie is ahead) that give people a false impression of reality and further our tolerant rhetoric.

Well, you’re already pretty good at virtue signaling, so I guess as long as you never voice your republican opinion, we’ll allow you to have any opinion that appeals to us.

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