I Listened to a Trump Supporter
David A Hill Jr


There must be around 5 of those!!1!

She’s sooo misguided for noticing what happens when you hand over power to Democrats. Democrats are so proud of what they’ve done to this country. One of my favorite Obama quotes, besides when he mixed up the number of United States with the number of Islamic States, was when he commented on what is nicknamed “Chiraq” (Chicago) and he said, “I couldn’t be prouder of my city.”

The Democrats are terrible virtue-signallers that want to police speech, and force their obscene rhetoric down everyone’s throat.

If nothing else, electing Trump will hardcore trigger the entire establishment, the mainstream media (I will never refer to CNN as anything other than Clinton News Network after this election, I never noticed how biased they are and willing they are to lie to millions of people), and all the regressive libtards that actually believe Trump is racist.

Bet you’re life that we are sick of the lies, the mainstream conspiracy theories that still get preached to the masses even after being widely debunked, and the chaos the Democrats have incited throughout the entire history of this country.

They were the party of the KKK, but now they’re progressive about their racism and have seemingly virtuous reasons to justify racism. NOW they’re okay!!1!

President Lyndon Johnson, one of the most renowned democratic presidents for his civil rights policies, instituted the welfare + food stamp system we have today. Why? They went door to door to black homes and told them that if there is no man in the house, they will receive free stuff. They incentivized black families to become fatherless, and made the state daddy. The schools are mysteriously underfunded too, so they have to vote Democrat for that, too.

It was a tremendously brilliant idea, despite it being evil. During Johnson’s time the black middle class was growing more and more powerful (they were very Republican at the time). They were projected to very soon rival the white middle class. DON’T WORRY, THOUGH, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, JOHNSON FIXED THAT. Starting with Johnson’s presidency and in the coming decades, the black illegitimacy rate skyrocketed to today’s number of 75%. (It’s affecting whites now too, but that’s a different issue)

The Democrats destabilized the current black community for political gain. Not to mention their historic pattern of racism.

Why would anyone ever vote for the latest iteration of the Democrats, literally the most corrupt politician we have ever seen, Hillary Clinton. Someone responsible for Benghazi, Isis, the Email server, getting paid off by foreign governments and using the Clinton Foundation as a piggy bank, and many other scandals and lies I won’t get into right now.

In recent news, the doctor that found Hillary’s bloodclot tragicly just past away of a “suicide”. At least they are switching it up. They have been mostly doing car crashes for the last few people they needed put down, and that was getting a tad mundane.