Gary Johnson will LOWER taxes

We don’t need a smaller military. For the sake of the free world, America needs to stay top dog.

Taxes can’t just be lowered. We need to destroy terrible socialized programs that unnecessarily burden the taxpayer.

I know you libertarians are obsessed with weed (and hackers). I suppose you should be allowed to get higher than a kite because people on weed aren’t violent, but I would still impose driving regulations.

I don’t really see an issue with most current police forces, but I would be willing to look into an article or two you can recommend about something you take issue with.

The prison situation is very complicated and goes back to Nixon with the war on drugs, and I’m still on the fence about it. A black democrat U.S. representative named Charles Rangel told Nixon (in person, it was secretly video-recorded) that he feels like white America wanted to give up on drugs. He told Nixon that drugs were destroying the black community, and that drugs should be considered public enemy number 1. In order to save the black community, Rangel believed, they would increase mandatory minimums and crack down on crime. This was actually a very popular idea at the time, and it was a winning idea in the black caucuses.

Despite people now spewing this narrative that it was a white supremacist plot, I have to ask the question. Why would a black democrat representing New York tell the president to enforce drug laws more strictly?

Because it was, in his view, a major destabilizer.

While I do think there are some people that don’t deserve to rot in jail for their entire life because of something they did as a 20-year-old, saying “reduce the prison population” is extremely concerning and not necessarily a good thing. There are a lot of people we need to keep locked away from our women and children, and saying “let’s make it so there are less people in jail” is terrifying and misguided.

I also don’t think we need to end the two party system. In the United States, at least whoever gets elected, the majority of people can get behind their policies. In Canada, where people can vote for quite a number of candidates, someone can win on a 30% vote just because support for the other side was too splintered amongst other candidates.

Despite anything, Gary Johnson will not win. Nor does he deserve to. There are already major reformation movements happening. We had Bernie on the left and Trump on the right who are anti-establishment figures.

People are sick of career politicians coming around every two or four years promising the same results with nothing to show for.

Donald Trump will secure our border, repeal Obamacare, vet potentially dangerous refugees, lower taxes, and actually attempt to do something about Iraq. He will stop other countries from ripping us off as much as they have been. If you don’t vote Trump, you are willing to concede the presidency to Hillary.

In latest news, the doctor that found Hillary’s bloodclot recently past away of a tragic “suicide”. I’m sure it’s a just a coincidence! 😅😅