I want the wind to carry me

“Music is a language you see, a universal language” — Sun Ra

I think this song is the one that I am still the most excited about on the EP and straight away we knew it had to be the opening track. Naturally, I am drawn to songs that provide a little mysticism — where the lyrics can have multiple layers and meanings.

Originally when I wrote it, I was thinking more about the concept of beginning a journey and embracing the seasons as they become warmer, especially after the long, hard Nordic winter. But as the song evolved, it also unveiled the idea of being solitary in the midst of a strong and forceful world — where you can either allow it to swallow you up or embrace it, allowing each moment to shape and guide you.

But even since the release, people have commented on YouTube and other places about what they hear as the story behind the track. Personally, I just love that we have been able to create something that resonates with people: The language of the song has been interpreted to fit different moulds and I love that one song can hold so many stories.

I want the wind to carry me far away from here
And as I fly, I’ll take with me moments left behind
I want the sea to rescue me and carry me away
I’ll let the waves wash over me and listen for the voices of the tide.
Seasons they won’t wait for me; swiftly they pass by
With each new breath; new roads ahead; 
embracing every moment as my guide.