The ability to summarize a discussion and have that visible instead of the chat itself. Imagine seeing one line of summary text with a link to see it all, instead of 100 lines of a meandering conversation. (Side note: I’d also love the ability to provide a daily or weekly summary in a channel to help bigger teams deal with people returning from a long absence.)
I love group chat.
Matt Jacobs

I built something 2 years ago that was set out to solve this specific issue. However, it wasn’t as smart as I wanted it to be so people didn’t really use it; it required someone to type a command with a summary and it wasn’t tightly linked with the conversation.

I think the best way to implement it would be to check which persons are chatting with each other consecutively and then asking one of them to write a summary/cliff notes.

This might be something Slack already has in the works because they’re already analyzing chat behaviour with AI for their new Highlights feature.

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