My First — A Cup of Dough

By: Narcisa Calixto

One of the perks of living alone is either you’ll make yourself nap all day and night without anyone to disturb you or choose to be productive. I choose the latter. Everyday, during my free time, I make sure that I always learn something new. Today, I followed the basic-dough-making from youtube channel and tried my own.

I kneaded about a cup of flour only to make a dough. I do not want to waste such in case I fail the first time.

I kneaded.

It’s the size of dough.

Added smoked turkey slices and cheese sticks.

Cubes of butter on top and they were ready for baking!

And the result!

They were slightly crunchier but taste good for me.

I’m so glad I did it, and I’ll call it “Cheesy Turkey Roll”.

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