LinkedIn removed my favorite feature, reply-by-email

So up till around October 2015, judging by Twitter searches for “linkedin reply by email”, LinkedIn had that feature: if you got a message from someone on your LinkedIn account, or, to my recollection, even an invitation to connect (which can contain text like any other message), you could reply to the person - without having to browse anywhere or login to LinkedIn - just by replying to the email.

It was just such a simplification of the normal annoying solution of having to login and remember my password and all that jazz, and it’s one that I have not seen on any other site that has similar messaging and message-reply-notification-via-email facilities. I guess the web is so big that probably some other forum or messaging software implements this feature, but I haven’t seen it, and it made interacting with LinkedIn messages so much easier. Just hit reply instead of “fire up browser, hit, login (loading up password manager if not loaded), enter password” (maybe even have to enter 2fa code if new ip or something!). *Then* if all went well you are where you were when you were about to hit reply with this incredible feature.

Really just a very simple feature conceptually, a time saver, way more respectful of user’s time, and as far as I can tell, really, really innovative and I am guessing one of those ideas that will be fundamental and taken for granted in the future. Why would we not do this? Everywhere?