Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann opens the Blockchain Summit in Zug on April 26th

Members of the Swiss Blockchain Taskforce, some 50 representatives from business, politics and science, have drawn up initial recommendations for the Swiss federal government. Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann will receive the proposals for a responsible regulation and promotion of the emerging industry at the Blockchain Summit in Zug on April 26th.

Zug, April 5, 2018 — Switzerland is a pioneer in regulating and promoting blockchain technology. This will be reflected in the programme of the next Blockchain Summit — Crypto Valley on April 26th in Zug. Federal…

Furrerhugi, the Zurich-based public affairs agency, has taken involvement in cryptocurrency regulations a step further. It has founded a new PR agency Narwal Blockchain in Zug to support blockchain start-ups. Managing Partner Lorenz Furrer explains why.

Interview: Edith Hollenstein, persoenlich.com (March 19, 2018)

Lorenz Furrer Managing Partner furrerhugi.

Mr. Furrer, when was the last time you made a Bitcoin purchase?

I have never bought anything, although there are a few bitcoins slumbering in my virtual wallet. Frankly, I was too late to get much of a return on my investment!

Bitcoin has no intrinsic value and is exceptionally vulnerable to speculation. If investors risk losing…


We are the premier Swiss communications agency focusing on public affairs and public relations for companies in the blockchain and fintech space. bit.ly/2I9opTd

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