NASDEX partners with Band Protocol for seamless and secure synchronization between onchain tokenized asset price and real world equity price

NASDEX is a new generation synthetic asset exchange that targets Asian equity markets. As a decentralized exchange, NASDEX will enable minting, farming and swapping of tokenized stocks for all users…

Summoning Nasdexians!

At NASDEX, we believe that our continued success is largely tied to our community’s active participation in our vision to build NASDEX as the biggest tokenized stock exchange. …

Hi community, the wait is over, $NSDX staking is live!

Here is a step-to-step guide on how to stake NSDX:

Before Staking

Make sure you have the correct steps before staking including:

  • $MATIC to cover GAS and transaction fees: Make sure that you have enough $MATIC in your wallet to cover the GAS fees for purchasing $NSDX from a Quickswap and the two transactions (Approval & Staking) required to stake.
  • $NSDX in…

Huge news everyone!

We are excited to announce that Alvin Foo will be joining us as President of NASDEX. Alvin was previously an Advisor for NASDEX and has now transition to a full time role with us.

He will lead and transform marketing efforts with his expertise. With his arrival…

Hello NASDEX Community!

We’re very excited to announce that our $NSDX token will be live on QuickSwap on 29 September 2021 2:05AM UTC. QuickSwap is the largest decentralized exchange on Polygon by volume as well as by TVL, so the team is confident that there will be sufficient liquidity for…

Dear NASDEX Community,

As our IDO is just around the corner, we would like to share our token allocation breakdown to the community.

Token Information

Token name: NASDEX

Token symbol: NSDX

Max Supply: 100,000,000 NSDX

Token Type: ERC20

Network: Matic/ Polygon

Token Distribution and Unlocking Rules:


There are 5 major roles users can assume at NASDEX. Roles are not mutually exclusive, users can choose to play more than one role in the ecosystem.

  • nAsset Minter
  • Trader
  • Liquidity Provider (Long Farmer)
  • Short Farmer
  • $NSDX Staker

<nAsset Minter>

An nAsset Minter will be able to mint tokenized stocks…

Evergrande news has been brewing for the past 6–12 month and came to a head recently. TradFi folks have already been monitoring the situation for the past year and it shows in the charts as the Evergrande stock price has dropped 84% year-to-date. But the news seems to have only…

Passive investment income is king

Money. Why is it so important? At the most basic level, it satisfies Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to provide shelter and bread for us. On the evolutionary level, those who have money have more certainty to pass along their evolutionary code. …

NASDEX is humbled to announce that we have received a Developer Grant from Polygon for the development of version 1 of our DEX that will allow users to mint, trade and stake tokenized equity.

We are working hard to launch NASDEX in the near future which will feature a suite…


The Premiere Decentralized Exchange on Tokenized Asset Trading.

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