Winning friends and influencing people.

It was his usual and routine activity when he used to walked through the streets. And every body who came in his way it was sure he will say hello, hi to that person. Even sometimes when he found somebody busy in their domestic activities, he never forget to repeat his habit and start greeting conversation with the person. One the day of his death he did the same routine activities of greeting with the people. People said it was our last day, when we felt there is a person in this world who really cares about us without any greed in his mind. People remembered him even after his death because he was the person who remained in their hearts forever.

Let’s have a example of real life story. It was a frozen house in Australia. One day at 5 p.m on shift end time when every employee left the frozen house. Only GM was there and he went inside the frozen house to check that every thing is alright. The temperature was -40 degree. When he came inside, the door got locked. It could only unlock from outside not from inside. He cried too much but no body came because nobody was there. Till at 8 a.m nobody came for him. He was about to die when a watch man came and rescued GM. So whats the lesson. At later the GM asked how did you know and why you came inside because your duty is only at gate. The watch man said at every morning you said good morning to me. And at every evening you said good evening. Today I listened your good morning but I waited a lot to listen your good evening. So I came inside to listen your good evening.

If you will take initiative and will spent time for others, the world will take initiative. The day you stop, the whole world will forget you.