Adnan Syed was granted a new trial — and that matters

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Like many people, I heard about Serial through the grapevine. I wasn’t a big podcast listener, even though I grew up on public radio; I settled into my experiments with audiobooks instead. But the premise — a high school senior is arrested for the murder of his ex-girlfriend, but the evidence that sent him to jail is shaky at best — was too intriguing to pass up. I’m so glad I listened. It is thanks to Serial that Undisclosed: The State vs. Adnan Syed and Truth & Justice with Bob Ruff came into my life.

When I first listened to…

While I wrote this some months ago, it’s especially relevant today.

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CN: racism. I’d like to note that I am speaking from the perspective of an ally. While the best discussions on this subject should come from our Black friends, the reality is, they shouldn’t have to educate us. We have to educate us. It is not the job of marginalized populations to explain their oppression to others, and yet, we’re often the ones left to do it. I hope this can help shoulder some of that burden.

I need to understand the anger about kneeling during the Pledge. I need to understand why people are so angry that Colin Kaepernick

Why I think we need to show the public what we do instead of hiding in the Ivory Tower

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I’ve been doing animal research for five years now — not forever, not even a huge part of my educated life, but enough time to have my own observations and opinions on the work. Admittedly, I’ve only worked in rodents, and maybe I’d feel differently working in non-human primates or rabbits or pigs. (The thought of working with a dog or cat freezes my blood. Very few labs do it nowadays, though.)

My point in saying this is to say I’m no noob, and making an amateur mistake is embarrassing. The mistake was small enough, posting a picture of a…

Literally this bridge. (Wrest Park)

CW: sexual violence, eating disorders

The blanket trailed behind her as she walked, barefoot, towards the trees. She pulled the blanket around her closer, but the blanket’s end was already covered in mud and zig-zagging her path behind her. It was stupid to go out before a storm — if any of the others had done it, she would have even punished them — but here she was, the mud hardening into dirt as she went into the trees. She crossed the bridge, her favorite spot, the one where she would come to escape the others. It wasn’t that she…

How do we balance the conflict of grief for people who influenced us that we never knew with grief for loved ones that have recently died?

I think it’s safe to say that if you’re reading this, you know about the loss of two artistic icons this week: David Bowie and Alan Rickman, both 69, both diagnoised with cancer. This comes just weeks after the news that Lemmy Kilmister, famed Motorhead bassist/singer/songwriter/everything, also died from the disease. I’m not going to be disingenious by going on about Lemmy, because I have maybe-but-probably-not heard the occassional Motorhead song that my…


The first son: Father, I want to make you proud. Father, I want to be like you. Father, I want to surpass you.

I am not your son.

Maybe I should imagine it: my mother in the hospital bed, waiting for the contractions to get more violent, for the pain of her imminent child to overwhelm her like her first. That labor took thirty-two hours, with so much exhaustion and pain that she barely remembered it. In a room nearby, her nineteen-month-old sits with her mother and husband. A girl. …

Courtesy of Mojo Disco, from Steven Universe.

Gender infiltrates our awareness even before we are born — pink for girl, blue for boy. But the notions of the gender binary are not only damaging to those who don’t believe in it, but those who do.

We fight for gender equality because there is at least a perceived difference between the genders. But actually, that sentence is problematic for a simple reason: between should be among.

Humans like categories: cat or dog, Wars or Trek, girl or boy. And often, we can fit into these categories. Some XX individuals are girls. Some XY individuals are boys. Some XX…

Artwork by Sindee Viano, specifically about this piece. See:

Letter to My Former Self

You and I are long overdue for a talk. We used to have these more regularly, but at those points we were on the same page. Now, from my current standpoint and your future one — it’s 2012 where you are and nearly 2015 for me — I want to tell you how you change.

The summer before you started college, you were with a (now former) friend and said, “I want to be more open.” After four years of hiding away, you had decided you were going to make closer friends. Open up. …

I’ll admit it: for a long time, I didn’t think of blogging as “real writing.” I thought of it as hobbyist — nothing wrong with that, not really. But if I was going to be a writer, blogging wouldn’t cut it.

Maybe in the early stages of blogging that was true — maybe, before the internet was expected in everyone’s households, blogging was just journaling online. Blogging reminds me of my xanga, where teenaged-angst-ridden-Naseem would write key phrases like, “My soul hurts.” (True story.) …

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