Dear Madam/Sir — god

Within my core, what do you find?

Treachery, strife or traits more divine?

No limits to your sight, you roam undercover,

Deeper than marrow, not for man to discover.

Father, best friend, your qualities beyond rare,

Your interest in me so deep, you know the count of my hairs.

Reared in your word, protected by your love and care,

Yet life in this world, I feel so unprepared.

Wickedness, all things despicable, I know I should hate,

But secretly within, are issues that cause my heart debate.

The death penalty, right to choose and maybe some are born gay?

May I never judge, only you can determine ones fate.

Endurance, faith, your relationship too precious to surrender,

Betray you just for soup, if only Esau remembered.

I often feel weak, even when I want to be strong.

As if your sons blood, did not right my wrongs.

Sadness, depression and anxiety are my daily plagues,

Despite this, I know I am wonderfully made.

I beg you to remain my friend, even if my heart reveals doubt

All good left in me, God, may you cause it to sprout!