I’m a Quiet Revolution

Guess what?

Yeah I know I love saying that because you never know what is going to come out of my mind and mouth. Oh well, just try to keep guessing and although I frankly do not guarantee you to fully understand me I will still love you for reading this piece, *after all this piece isn’t for you it’s for me:

When you first see me, you think i’m tough you think i’m comprehensive, you think i’m sweet and you think i’m predictable. But to your big surprise i’m predictably unpredictable. Well to be honest –and to add a little more emphasis– to be frank with you, it depends who I am dealing with, That includes you.

I’ll be the person I want to be not because I want to, but because my body needs it from me.

I’ll be different when I know you, a good different, the different that is truest to myself the different that is me, the different that I like to be. The different that you will see. The different that you will keep. the different that I want you to keep.

Make me speak in public, choose an audience and I will show them my heart, I will show them everything they need, a voice, some nerves, an inspiration, a highlight, the highlight of their day.

Make me speak to a stranger, chose male or female or both and watch me be different, different in approach. Different but with the same heart, the same eyes and the same soul and maybe the same words.

Make me speak to my parents, to my sister, to my family, chose a time. a year and a place. Observe and feel what I feel when I live, talk and be with them.

Make me speak to you, be it of philosophy, music, love, problems, politics, conflicts. Change the topic, observe my eyes, my face, my words and my gestures, are they still the same?

Let’s go run, run into his wonderful and marvelous and beautiful creation, let’s go run where we first met, lets never eat the fruit, lets be different and let us always do what we earnestly and genuinely want to do, let us live, let me live…

I don’t want to keep living this Quiet revolution, I maybe want to live a loud one. Because if I don’t I wouldn’t be living what I want to live: Change. Spontaneity, and that ample effect of adding the extra into ordinary.

I’m a Quiet Revolution, with a Quiet conversation, this piece was not for me, this piece was a little bit for you.

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