Ride-Sharing to Reduce SMOG

What ride sharing actually does is it brings together travelers from different places wanting to reach a common destination! Like you and your other workplace buddies everyday travel to the same office. So don’t you want yourself to be picked up by your mate and have a pleasant journey to work instead of driving your own car (“so boring!”) or taking public transport or may be paying more at taxi? Now think the other way round; you are travelling to office and want to save your fuel cost. Simply you can pick your co-workers or other people on the way on the way and your fuel costs are all saved up.

“Ride-Share is the Solution to Cut-out Pollution”

As auto-mobile industry has grown, it has given us numerous benefits. Who, ever could think of travelling kilometers in minutes sitting in a comfy sofa seat and music rolling in the background. It sounds too nice. But every creation on this planet earth has its good and bad sides. Now just think that a car on the road emitting smoke from its exhaust all the way it is travelling, generating a good amount of heat as well as creating more traffic on the roads. It’s actually a human nature that we if we see a good thing we start ignoring all the bad points about that thing.

What we should actually be doing is whatever comes our way, give it a 360 degree look, study it and then make an opinion about it. We all know that transportation is making lives easier but the devastating health effects it’s causing are unbearable. The air pollution of Pakistan is rising, which has direct relationship with transportation. The huge amount of vehicles on the roads are causing disturbing noise: from horns, kids crying in the cars, the beggars yelling for money, the police man shouting to stop the traffic storm, the toy sellers by the roadside beeping toys with weird sounds, the vegetable man on the donkey cart shouting to the public and making sure everyone knows he has fresh and cheap vegetables with him. All these sound together, making a whirlpool of noise disturbing the equilibrium.

People have been worried about “SMOG” recently, which a visible form of air pollution but what about the rest of the 10 to 20 other invisible side effects of air pollution? “Your hidden enemy is more dangerous” because you’re unaware from where you will be attacked. This traffic pollution combined with other air contaminants affects us in unforeseen ways. Because of this, the positive effects of transportation are diminished. Air pollution in Lahore is caused by a combination of vehicle and industrial emissions, smoke from brick kilns, the burning of crop residue and general waste, and dust from construction sites. What we need to think is how to minimize the amount of pollution on our behalf. As everyone will think this way the total amount of pollution will decrease automatically as pollution per person drops.

“Stop Pollution before it Stops you!”

A transforming idea for battling air pollution is “Ride-Sharing” as it connects drivers and passengers in real time through technology. This is one ways we can minimize pollution on our end. People travelling to the same workplace or same institution can save up fuel cost, as well as the environmental pollution and earn money as they travel. The benefits do not end here, you can actually end up making a lot of new friends as you travel or even find your soul mate in your ride (Jokes)…

At this stage even the government is clueless about what to do. Other countries have developed technological advancements to fight smog like air filtration towers which purify the air and provide cleaner, safer air to breathe in. But sadly Pakistan is already occupied in to many problems to think for health issues of people. Here we can rather say the government is careless instead of clueless.

The only solution to combat smog is changing the way we live. Lifestyle modifications are the only way out. We need to eliminate habits which are increasing the level of contaminants in the air. One of the major habits is every single person in the house using their own car to travel and using transportation for travelling to places we can walk to. Here comes the role of ride-sharing. If we start sharing rides for travelling we can reduce the carbon emissions in the air by vehicles.

Until we don’t make changes to create a difference we will keep on blaming each other and suffer the effects on ourselves. We should be concerned about our health, the health of our family. So let us take one step towards a greener, healthier surrounding with clean air to breathe in by starting Ride- Sharing!

“A Ride-Share a Day, Keeps the Pollution Away!”

If you would like to contribute to clean air, we warmly invite you to opt for Ride-Sharing!