I know for sure parents will want to kill me for what I am writing and kids will be so much happy. But the truth cannot be ignored. Parents you need to re-think and kids you’ve got to play harder. (Smirks) But then again being a gaming addict is a separate story; in that case the parents have my vote and kid you need to beware.

Gaming is so much fun. I mean who doesn’t love shooting guns endlessly without getting caught and getting does boss feelings or flying an airplane in the clouds without a flying license. Games are all about getting lost in your favorite game world and party hard. My favorite part of games is sitting in a Lamborghini and racing on the wide roads with the speed of lightning breaking traffic lights and being carefree. I mean if kids don’t play games who else will?

According to latest researches, a few hours a week of gaming is healthy and leaves positive effects. Unbelievable for some but video games usage leads to high intellectual performance and functioning. Video games actually turn you into a problem solver in the classroom as well as in the playgrounds. It has been studied that with all other benefits, gamers’ have reduced number of relationship issues and encourages teamwork as in games you work towards achieving a common goal. Multiplayer games build a social nature and make you civil and cordial.

At times we feel like losing focus and getting irritable over pity things. Feeling low and not wanting to work or study is all natural and everyone faces such times. If you want to get energized and charged up to restart things all again, then games bring to you this refilling energy power pack. Grab yourself a thrilling video game and play it for a while and you’ll feel like regaining all your focus and energy. But make sure you don’t get glued up to the video game forgetting all work you have on your tasks list.

Basically it’s a GO SIGNAL for the parents to let kiddos play video games meanwhile parents can sip on some coffee. Parents fear that games are corrupting the mind of their child and associate their violent behavior with gaming. This is not true. That violent child of yours just needs your time and attention not a boss who warns to stay away from gaming and TV screens. When your child yells, for once let them sit in your lap and talk to them how much you get hurt with that behavior. Talk your heart out to them about how much you love them and definitely they’ll want to be with you and not the game.

There are different species of kids too. Some that forget about food, family outings and even going to the bathroom. They are wetting their pants just because their hand cannot pause the game they are into. Those addicted kids should be warned that in case of not finishing food, not giving family time or wetting pants they won’t be allowed to play games. This way they’ll know when to do what, means time management.

We all know exercise keeps us fit. Agreed? Like you hit gym or a yoga class to work out or stretch to remain healthy likewise your brain needs a workout too. You don’t need to wear stretch bands over your head to make your brain exercise. As exercise builds up muscles likewise gaming builds the brain. The brain develops visual attention, multi-tasking, accuracy, focus, quickens thinking and decision making, teaches risk taking, enhances reading and mathematical skills, and shapes self-confidence as well as self-esteem. Video games is one way to get to know about the online world and become aware of technology.

So I guess it’s time to hold on to your gaming console and play your hearts out because there’s still a lot of exercising your brains needs to do. It’s time to play and learn but don’t forget to prioritize tasks and complete them on time. Go ahead and rock your game!