Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for, or at least that’s the excuse women use when they but a ton of things for themselves but nothing for the men in their lives. It’s partially true because men don’t use too many personal care items and they generally are happy with 3 to 4 pair of shoes. Socks and ties — well you can’t buy them socks and ties every year. And they only need one hammer and screw driver set. Most aren’t even good with tools any more so scrap this age old gift.

What to do?

KhyberBazaar has put together a small list of unique items that are practical, not expensive and very unlikely that your father would have the same or similar items already.

When you spread your horizon, ideas abound but we are all busy with our daily lives and unaware of ideas from other cultures. I won’t tease you any more. Here is the link to their article http://bit.ly/unique-gifts-men5

Good Luck!