So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

Incredible how you try to have your cake and eat it too. “Let’s call our vending machine a bodega and try, pathetically, to mimic the service they provide, and use their name, but we’re not trying to replace or undermine them.” One can’t read this article and wonder if you’ve ever even been in a bodega. The fact that you tech genius/morons are so blind, so numb to the services bodegas provide, to the role they play in the community, is emblematic of your lack of appreciation for genuine human interaction, and why it’s so central to those services. Perhaps because you have so little of that contact yourselves, at least with people from walks of life that outside of your bubble, for whom that contact is vital.

Stop. Just, stop. Start over. Do something else. That doesn’t involve people. And stay the hell out of NYC.

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