Chinese e-commerce and fintech digest 02/09


5 things we can learn from China’s e-commerce explosion. China’s e-commerce market continues to see high double-digit growth year on year. 5 key trends: E-commerce shopping festivals, Consumption upgrade, New retail: online and offline are merging, Digital payment, From online platform to media platform.


China wants to stamp out cryptocurrency trading completely. Offshore platforms targeted after recent efforts to shut down domestic exchanges failed to eradicate trading

Alibaba plows $146m into online grocer BigBasket (India)

Chinese sellers

Cifnews Amazon package course for beginners: registration and store launch, products and marketing

Chinese sellers: e-commerce trends in 2018. Where to check: Google Trends, Google Correlate, Google Shopping Insights, Google Patents. Trending products to sell: windbreakers, kimono, teak wood, scratchmap etc.