E-commerce and technology in China dropshipping digest 10/11


Alibaba sparks China’s consumer revolution. Chinese shoppers spent $18bn online on November 11 last year, 82 per cent using mobile devices. This year, 140,000 brands, including 60,000 international names, are offering 15m items for sale. Singles Day is an expression of the power of Chinese ecommerce.


dhgate.com publishes main stats on trade in 2017. Trade is a new dynamic force of global economy. APEC countries made 76% of global trade in 2017, compared to 66% in 2015. APEC Countries with highest figures for global trade: US, Canada, Australia, Singapore etc. http://www.cifnews.com/article/30172


7 Tactics to Launch Your Own Referral Campaign. Referral programs are important because: they are targeted, there is high trust factor. the average consumers’ reach is much larger and for many people with strong social followings, it can be enormous. https://www.shopify.com/blog/15679636-referral-marketing-101-7-tactics-to-launch-your-own-referral-campaign?utm_source=exacttarget&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=digest&utm_content=digest_exchange_burst


Tencent makes big investment in GJS Robot (China). The internet giant has injected “tens of millions” of yuan into the startup’s series A round, following its US$41 million investment in US educational robot maker Wonder Workshop last week.


CIFnews webinar related to Snapchat marketing. Snapchat is your secret key to 6.6 milliard customers from abroad.