Scribbles #1

I didn’t write anything cool for this week’s 52 week writing challenge, so I thought I’d post some random stuff I discovered this week.

  1. I finished reading the first draft of my first novel from start to finish, and it’s a mess, but it doesn’t suck.
  2. I finally grasped that story is way more important than style. Style is down in the weeds. Story soars high above everything, and that’s how your readers should feel when they read your story. Like they’re flying. Words aren’t going to do that. Compelling story will.
  3. I finished reading Time Travel: A History by James Gleick. I’m immediately going to read it again, it’s that good…and complicated.
  4. Something I wrote on the nature of moonlight:
Moonlight, doesn’t seem natural, does not illuminate the way sunshine does. It’s false light, secondhand, reflected from the part of the earth that’s hidden, the other side of the world. And moonlight is cold and never enough, even at its brightest. There’s always something tricky about it, casting shadows at the time of shadows. It can’t be trusted. It lacks focus and purpose. It doesn’t make anything grow. It’s a reminder of what’s absent.

5. My cat likes to stick his head in brown paper tubes:

And of course, I wrote every day.