The bootcamp has been representing what its suppose to be; a bootcamp. It has been intriguing and has helped me grow mentally. It created an avenue for bootcampers to exchange ideas and also help each other to solve problems. To this effect it has helped me settle down and has given me a clear direction of what to do and how well to do it. I was able to get valid information regarding what to do and the kinds of resources I would need to tackle given tasks.

During the Self learning clinic,the BFAS (Boot Camp Facilitators) expounded on some topics ranging from the core values of Andela to further explaining the video tutorials such as the Growth mindset and programming logic video tutorials. From this I got to know about the ASK (actionable, specific and kind) , OKBB (output, knowledge unit,behaviour and belief), and YOYO (You own Your own) acronyms and their impact when implemented.

From Growth mindset video tutorial; I got to know the difference between someone that has a fixed mindset and a person that has a growth mindset and what can be achieved when someone has a growth mindset. From the programming logic video tutorial explanation, I got to know the programming language standard and style Andela adopts, and also the usefulness of testing a programme.

I also got to familiarize myself with the environment and also interact with the Andela fellows. Their enviroment is one of the best places to learn, it was nearly a noiseless enviroment with the availaibility of free Internet access to bootcampers. They showed their hospitability to the extent of giving us free lunch. My Learning Facilitator Assistant (OLUWADAMILOLA DURODOLA) has been very helpful ,she has been prudent in her approach towards assessing me.My experience has been an amazing and wonderful one so far .

Bootcamp so far has been challenging, and has revamped my seriousness towards learning on my own. It has exposed me to series of softwares and version control tools such as babel, Github, Node.js e.t.c.

I hope to gain more from this bootcamp going forward.

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