When the mountain was erected Remember, I was there some….

Arts & Craft Display at Chalewote 2018.

In Ghana charlie means beer, so we walked to drink our sorrow at the state and shores of Ga, where Nkrumah was said to have been imprisoned for 3 years and I bet you: freedom is not a plaything. There’s the need to ‘’CRY FOR FREEDOM’’ even the cell #8 which he was stationed bore prints of greatness. Alas, there’s no smoke without fire.

The Charlewote Art Festival captured dazzling faces, resplendent smiles, preponderated happiness, expiated sadness, fermented illness, all in all, people connected from the nook to cranny of the World to the Capital City, Accra. Cripples and amputees were zealously pushing themselves without any formal aid. Could one believe the blinds were present? Yes, they were. Walking with no sticks and virgins made it, adults and pregnant Women weren’t left holding on. Muslims present was just another Sanla Remix, the Gas would brag: Homowo Part II, the Christians will boast to this marvelousness: Praise the Lord.

Since the wee of the morning, I’ve been struggling which dress to kill this program with, who I’m I going to meet, how do I approach my Love? Love could be found everywhere, lest I miss a chance of expressing my heart. I cannot be faulted, I’m young, wild & freeeeeee. Hurray! Then came friends from our Poetic crews, right after a few steps into James Town. We started performing offstage.

‘’If it’s not on, then it’s not in’ Said I.
Afia, what is this?
‘’Condom.’’ Nene replied. Akosua busted laughs and us together.
It doesn’t hurt to smile, so we smile, blushed and carried on.

As a virgin myself, I was dubbed with the Artistry, advertisements and Educational campaigns, anticipating more of the upcoming events. I met first timers and we really made love to the festival. Superb dance moves, beautiful music and movie shows, The graffiti paints on the walls and grounds so magical.. In a brief ’’It was fun enough.’’

The tongue campaign metamorphoses the audience with their plaque. WATCH YOUR TONGUE. Their message was clearer than the daylight. ‘’The tongue is fire be mindful of your tongue. It can curse, it can bless O O O !.

The unexamined life is not worth living, The Renowned Poet, Sa’adi affirms: ‘’If you have no sympathy for human pain, The name of Human you cannot retain.’’ That said being truer. A Virtuous Woman illustrates further this Sunny Sunday, communicating with our Divine-Self, transcending the received consultation(ParaOTHER) and depth knowledge of Self , before the so-called Religious system.

Later on the Host, Nana Sufi updated, ‘’It was such a big honour for me when the PRESIDENT of the Republic of Ghana…His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo…paid a courtesy call to my INSTALLATION together with the Minister of Tourism….What an Honour.’’ What a honor it was for Our travel crew, we were elated beyond words.

I went home with a dozen of happiness, smiles, and message to spread forth to the World. Our conversation with The Virtuous Woman stamps in mind. I reminisce, Her with a Divinely vessel filled with danger, she assured us it is not a harm to get soaked up with blood, I hurried forth with my palms and it was sprinkled. I understood this, my Divine self traveled into the Feminine state. The challenges Women undergo through their Holydays, that which readies them to carry life and it is not a coincident when the blood ceases to flow, no life comes out. Come to think of that?

Furthermore, She sent A letter to God through Mankind. It simply READS:

‘’There is nothing
like being neutral
We must begin to
challenge the system.
For how long shall
my people suffer?
Were we ever free?
The time to reme[mber]
the blood, that
my people
are going t[h]rough
and it’s not
Dear God,
Make it stop.’’

My belly left the Festival filled with kᴐmi kɛ kena (Kenkey & fish) of La, Ga mamɛ. Vowing: I pledge to watch, I’ll think right and my actions would be right.

After programs, we handshake saying, ‘Charlie see you again.’ Hopefully, we meet in 2019 Peacefully.