The jail is full
yet bail is nil

tasteless meal, ‘the zontome’ and waters
roaches filled ’tis room, My heart?
It cuts so deep. 
bleeding hope 
for prisoner’s FREE!
dreaming yet my eyes open
but who reared them?
why would the devil spared them?
is this call for celebration or revelations?

Prison Officer: The jail is full
Prisoner: why is the bail null?

with tunefulled scorn in gestures 
a jailbird who has now lost wings
restrained in movement and walking
questions you: what else?

do we reform or condemn sinner?
does God forgive or just punish sinner?

If the law does not protect and preserve
people thirsty for liberation
who might fall on God’s consideration?

If really, we seek change where is our reformation?

What I do, I didn’t do!
Is it the laws in claws
Is the laws in flaws.

Heart gets tainted ‘round unpleasant scent
perilous in-between. Rest in peace dead fowls.

Big Men’ behind bars is a shocking news
Laymen behind bars is never a surprise?
When innocents are locked yet, never a new.
warmongering, stealing and sucking blood of dissents is an act
So they Plead and are spared, I’m surprised to this hypocrisy of Men.

The jail is filled
No bail is willed
For the prisoner freedom is dull.