Journey in hacktiv8 (part 1)

This post is not good, in terms of everything, I know, I gladly accept advice on how to write a good post. You have been warned.

I’m a student from Bali - Indonesia, that currently taking a break from my university to pursue my dream on becoming a developer, my university is not teaching me enough to make me feel proud as a developer, so i decided to join Hacktiv8, which is a programmer bootcamp, Hacktiv8 uses javascript in their place.

I hate javascript, really, because it is so wide, I cannot even know where to start from, I have knowledge in some programming language before, I know Java from my first semester, java got good documentation and is easy to understand for me, I also got python in my second semester, but i barely even scratched the surface of this language, so I don’t consider myself really understand python. I also got C++ which.. I don’t really like. I also studied PHP before I enter university, so you can say that i got some programming experience. javascript though, so many sources, or maybe it’s just me that don’t know the place to find the source of javascript.

Hacktiv8 got 3 immersive phases, but before entering immersive phase, we’re going to have some introduction phase first, which is called phase 0. Phase 0 aims to introduce programming to every student that is going to study in the next phase (i forgot to tell you that hacktiv8 accepts all kind of education background, so they need to do this phase 0).

In the first week, we studied about the basics of the web, which is HTML and CSS, we use online learning platform to study the basics, I gladly follow the subjects, because it is necessary to learn from the start, probably I’ve missed something when i was studying by myself. But mostly, I’m aiming to make some friends. There is really lot of reason about why they join, some because they really want to study, some because they want to get the guaranteed job (yeah, there is job guarantee exists, I also forgot to tell you this), there is also entrepreneur who wants to seek good talent for their company.

In the second week, we learned the basics of javascript, variables, loops, conditions, functions. there are some differences between javascript and other language, so I learned something new in here too (They taught me half of my semester knowledge only in one week). This week is really challenging for them who just started in programming world, so, there are some who asked me about things. I was really worried that I tell them something wrong, so I usually direct them to the instructor to ask something, still, there are some insisting on asking me, so I’m telling them that all of my knowledge is from myself, I got no teaching experience, so please take my explanation with some grain of salt. I usually told the to write how their code goes.

The third and fourth week is mostly the same like the second week, mastering the usage of the basics. Although, if you already know the basics and want to know something other than that, you can ask the instructor directly.

That is the my current experience so far. I’m currently on my fourth week of phase 0, in fifth week, we’re going to learn recursive functions, regex, and objects, I will write the post about the review of the fifth week when I’m done with it.