Letter to my 25 old self.

Dear 25 years old me, hello! hope you are doing fine. Hope you haven’t stressed out. hope you fight with every thing that comes up in your life and never give up because its too hard. you are sure to get success if never give up on yourself. Please forgive those mistakes that i have done. I’m really sorry if things are harder for you now only because of me.I’m still learning and so are you even you make mistakes and so did I. So move on and work harder. Girl you’re young, you still got time. I hope to see you on the top soon. So go and work. Everyone fails in their life, the one who falls will raise up. The harder you fall the higher you rise up. I have full faith on you. You can and you will. Show the world who you really are. Hoping to see you on the top. Always remember that there is someone who loves you. I love you the most..

Your 15 years old self.