Recommended Supplements

My current list of recommended supplements:

I’d like to state up front that NONE of these are essential, but are rather my recommendations IF you’re lacking what you need from your regular diet/nutrition intake

Whey protein powder:

Myself being someone who consumes a higher amount of protein that the majority of the population due to my personal activities & preference, I sometimes struggle to hit my daily requirement through food volume alone & instead will use standard whey protein powder to reach my daily requirement ouf of convenience.

There’s 100’s of types out there, some promising better results that the next for triple the price, but in reality make no difference.

Go for the standard whey protein — I get mine here:

Fish Oil:

I don’t eat much oily fish (personal preference) so I supplement with fish oil tablets (2–3 per day) to ensure I get a healthy dose of omega 3’s into my daily nutrition intake.

Multi vitamin (with vitamin D3):

There’s a lot of research showing that multi vitamins don’t do much more than give you expensive glow in the dark pee… but if I’m being honest, I don’t eat anywhere near as much fruit or vegetables as I should, so I supplement with a pretty standard multi vitamin that’s high on the D3 dosage (we don’t get much sun in the UK) just to make sure I’m covering my micronutrient & vitamin intake as well as I can.

That’s it for now folks, I don’t feel there’s anything else worth the return on your financial investment & the VAST majority of supplements (especially in the fitness & bodybuilding space) are nothing more than a scam that produce zero results.

If future research shows that other supplements may be worth the financial investment, I’ll be sure to update this list & let you know! :)

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